The World Series 3-1 Cleveland Indians domination

Its all good in the land im talking about the city of Cleveland. Could a parade be coming soon or will the Windy city show that they have another chance to make it a series. Either way there going to have to do alot of searching on how they can some what control the steaming hot Cleveland Indians from winning the series and making history. For me I am happy that Cleveland is hot there finally doing what know body thought they could do. Will see who will come out victorious game 4. Will it be another championship in the land or will the Windy City have different plans.


NBA Season 2016/17

  • The NBA season is coming out with a bang.  With all the superberb players that are getting traded to different teams its almost like you really don’t know which team will come out big this season. One thing for sure 75% of people would predict that its going to be another rematch between Warriors and Cavaliers in the Finals but who knows it might be the up and coming Chicago with Dwayne Wade taking his talents there. But with the added skill talent on the Warriors “Durant” also hometown king Lebron for the Cavs how can you predict any other team but them two dynasty.

Games played on Martin Luther King Day.

So many great games played today you got Kansas vs Iowa State which will be airing on ESPN . With so many other games on later on tonight  like Cavaliers  vs Golden State  you really don’t know which game to be interesting in first this is where you got to watch both games at once or hope you have a recorder that you can record games. It so great now in the NBA and College that they are airing games played on Martin Luther King  Day to show the culture side of it.. You see all kinds of race playing in the NBA and College where back in the day they discriminate toward different races playing in College and all around the world. Its just great to see that all nationality are able to come together and play there sport that they love.

Ku Basketball is here 2016/17

Kansas Basketball is officially here with all the great teams out there Kansas is in the mix of it. With there first two exhibitions games they struggle through the first game but then blew out emporia state the second game. They just got done playing in Hawaii where they lost to a great frontcourt and backcourt in Indiana Hoosiers they were dominated by there top center for Indiana. On the other hand though you had Frank mason that was aggressive in the second half where he did most of the damaged. But it was enough for  Kansas to win they came close in a overtime loss by two. So now there in the Big Apple in Manhattan New York . Will they rise and dominate against a long range shooting team in Duke or lay back and let Duke beat them once again. They do have the talented player in Devonte Graham   or Frank Mason either way they  got a lot of work to do.

Cavs in the White House 2016

With all the news pertaining to Donald Trump and the election. Barrack Obama decided to have the World Champs come from Cleveland to Washington to celebrate there win vs Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland Cavaliers  were dress in suits and ties and ready to find out what the White House  had in tell for them.  As they took a tour they were astonish on some of the things that were inside the White House just memorize on what the saw. Latter on after the tour was over Barrack Obama stood up and greeted the media and the Cleveland Cavaliers as he congrats them for wining there first ring for the Land and city of Cleveland. Barrack Obama gave a short speech about what it took to get to this point of Cleveland era and how they were able to obtain a world champ. He mention how the city of Cleveland hasn’t won a championship since the early years. The last time Cleveland has won anything was like in the 70’s with the Cleveland browns as they were known for the fumble. Then you had the Jordan shot vs Cavaliers and then came Lebron James a phenom out of Akron Ohio that would play his first 10 years and then go off too Miami and win back to back champs there. Now hes more mature and understands what it takes to win a chip in Cleveland and it only took him 1 year too come together as a team and take it all against a team that beat them last year. So after Barrack went through the whole speech and what he had to say  they gave Barrack a jersey of its owned.  

Early College Basketball Predictions 2016/17

  • College Basketball is finally here with so many great teams out there. You don’t really know who will be the top teams in the country until you see them play out there. Last year the Nova came out with a dominate performance against teams like Kentucky and beating Kansas. Speaking about Ku will they able to regroup from what took place last year when they gave up in the second half and didn’t finish strong. A lot of people are saying that Ku didn’t have the right players to beat Nova which is a lie because they had the best team in the nation. Ku has to learn how to finish strong when adversity hits they still don’t know how to do that. Ku always had great players coming in like Andrew Wiggins, Wayne Selden, Ben Maclemore, and more to come. But if Ku can’t finish strong and win a Championship what’s the use of having these great players if the can’t play has a team. So that brings me to Kentucky who can really recruit great players like the all American starting 5 that lead to a championship two years ago. Can they bring a championship this year or end up losing in the sweet sixteen or Final four. Either way both Kentucky and Ku has some work to do. Then you got teams like Notre Dame and UConn that always been power house teams but are fading away because of star power. A lot of the players in the pass for those teams are now well in the NBA and almost done with there careers. So will see who will rise this year and can finish off strong and win the whole thing.  

The end to the World Series

Finally  its here the end to a 7 game world series that was such a great success. With the Chicago Cubs coming back from being down 1-3 lead for the Cleveland Indians they slowly chipped away  at every game they played. It didn’t matter if they were down 1-3 they found a way to finish off strong the series. On the other hand my  Cleveland Indians did’t finish too strong with not being able too finish the rest of the series out.  People ask the question How did the Cleveland Indians even lose that series ?. What ever the reason was  Chicago took advantage of Cleveland lack of playing through adversity and not dominating through the strength.  

Cleveland vs Cubs game 7

Game 7 is here and ready to go with all the back and forth between the Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. You really don’t know who will come out tonight but for sure both teams will come out with a fight. My opinion is the Cleveland Indians will finish them off at home and be victorious and bring a chip to Cleveland. Or it could go the other way and Chicago comes out with a fast start and Cleveland falling short in the 4th or 5th inng. That’s why Cleveland need to come out with a quick start and pick up the pace then dominate the rest of the game and be victorious. But both teams will come out with a venge tonight.

The World Series 2016

The World Series is starting off with a bang. They got two great teams going head to head the Cleveland Indians came out game 1 with a bang just dominating the Chicago Cubs. But the Cubs strikes back and stays in there and shows that they can compete in the city of Cleveland and not just in the Windy city. So will Cleveland respond and make a series and go up 2-1 or will the Cubs win another game and show that once again they can compete with the the Cleveland Indians. Me personally  I think the Cleveland Indians will stay in there and pull it off but it will be a long stretch though. Cubs will not go down easy though it will be a series it might go to  5 or 6 will see. 

Could you imagine if the Cleveland Indians do  take the chip and take the game. This would be history though for the City of Cleveland you got Cavaliers wining there first chip now you got the Cleveland Indians in pursuit of changing there legacy and making history. But on the other side you got a team desperate  of wining a chip since 1947.